MoT Test Exemption

Vehicles manufactured or registered before 1 January 1960 do not need an MoT test.

The following is a list of the lowest chassis numbers of Jaguar and Daimler cars that were made in 1960 and which therefore still require an MoT test.

To be exempt from MoT testing, your car has to have a chassis number which is lower than those given below. If you have a car registered in 1960 or later, check the chassis number against the list. If you then believe that your car is MoT test exempt, Jaguar Heritage Trust can supply you with a Statement of Build, which will satisfy the requirements of the DVLA or the Local Vehicle Registration Offices. The fee for this service is £21.00. To obtain the Statement of Build, please write with the make, model and chassis number, together with a cheque for £21.00 payable to Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, to: Jaguar Heritage Archive, British Motor Museum, Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwickshire CV35 0BJ, England or call +44 (0) 1926 645082 for further details. Alternatively, you can order a Heritage Certificate.

Model Chassis number(s) of first cars built in 1960


    • Mark II 2.4 litre saloon RHD, 100624
    • Mark II 2.4 litre saloon LHD, 125224
    • Mark II 3.4 litre saloon RHD, 150490
    • Mark II 3.4 litre saloon LHD, 175247
    • Mark II 3.8 litre saloon RHD, 200235
    • Mark II 3.8 litre saloon LHD, 210961
    • XK 150 open two-seater RHD, S or T 820067
    • XK 150 open two-seater LHD, S or T 832114
    • XK 150 fixed-head coupé RHD, S or T 825127
    • XK 150 fixed-head coupé LHD, S or T 836654
    • XK 150 drophead coupé RHD, S or T 827506
    • XK 150 drophead coupé LHD, S or T 838613
    • Mark IX saloon RHD, 773633
    • Mark IX saloon LHD, 792289


    • SP 250 RHD, 100598
    • SP 250 LHD, 100089
    • Majestic 3.8 litre saloon RHD, 99123 (approximately)
    • Majestic 3.8 litre saloon LHD, 98764 (approximately)