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  • 60 years ago, in October 1960, Jaguar ceased production of the XK150 in preparation for the launch of the E-type in March 1961.
  • Now that we have added SP250 Prototype 100002 - XHP 438 to our Collection
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  • 40 years ago, in 1980, Daimler Limousine production moved from Vanden Plas in Kingsbury, North London to Browns Lane in Coventry.  Production continued until 1992.
  • 20 years ago, in 2000,  Jaguar took over the Stewart-Ford racing team and entered Formula 1 with the Jaguar R1 which was unveiled at the Lord's Cricket Ground in London on 25 January 2000.
  • 20 years ago, in November 2000, Jaguar announced the new Compact Executive Car - the X-Type.  Production started in early 2001.
  • 15 years ago, in 2005, the last production car to be built in the Browns Lane factory, a Jaguar Super V8 Portfolio (X350) was built on 1 July 2005.
  • 15 years ago, on 27 May 2005, the last XK8 (X100) an XKR 4.2 litre coupĂ© - came off the line at Browns Lane, being replaced by the all aluminium XK (X150).
  • 10 years ago, in 2010, Jaguar unveiled the C-X75 Hybrid Hyper Car.
E-Type 60th Anniversary Tour to Geneva - March 2021
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