If you are unable to visit the Archive Reading Room to consult archive material, or want to ask a question about your vehicle, you can submit a Research Enquiry to our Archive Department.

The cost of a single Research Enquiry is £35 plus VAT per hour. We charge the first hour to check if we can answer the enquiry. If we cannot answer your question, or after consulting the archive material we are unable to answer your questions, we do not offer a refund since this is part of the research process.

Please note:

– We require all researchers to declare the reason for their research. The Head Archivist always reserves the right to decline research requests (e.g. risk of vehicle cloning, replica/parts manufacture, no proof of ownership, against the spirit of providing access for private research etc.)

– Archive material has been made available for private research only and must not been used for any publication or commercial activities of any kind. Where publication may occur in the future, it must be declared to the Head Archivist and additional permission and fees will be required.

– The findings of the research should not be explicitly shared with other parties.

– We cannot supply chassis, engine, body or gearbox numbers. However, we can confirm whether the numbers you have provided match the numbers recorded in our Build Ledgers.

– The response to your Research Enquiry is provided via email and will not be accepted by registration authorities. If you require a formal document you will need to order a Heritage Certificate.

– If you require copies of archive material this will incur additional fees.

– Some collections maybe closed subject to preservation needs, statutory closure periods or restrictions in line with Intellectual Property and Data Protection Legislation. Commercially sensitive information contained in the archive material will be redacted.

– Please allow 28 days for your order to be processed.

– If research takes longer than one hour, we will contact you for further payment first.

– All researchers will require a Reader’s Ticket*. By placing an order, you are confirming observance of the access regulations which are in place to safeguard the unique archive material. If you are found to not comply with these regulations, you will have your access revoked indefinitely.


All income generated from archive services are put towards the work of Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust in its role of preserving the heritage of Jaguar and its predecessor companies for the future.

*For how we look after your data please visit our Privacy Policy page.