Since 1931, details of every SS and Jaguar vehicle that has been produced have been recorded. Initially this was in a bound ledger which was completed as a vehicle made its way down the production line; from the 1980s the company used computerised systems but continued to record the same details.

The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust holds these unique production records in the Archive, as well as holding records for some Swallow-bodied and Daimler models. Using these production records we can issue certified Heritage Certificates for vehicles which are more than ten years old showing a vehicle’s entry exactly as it was recorded at the time of production; such as the original colour and trim, dates of build and dispatch as well the original destination and, where recorded, the original registration mark.

The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust regrets that we cannot add any information on a Certificate, which cannot be documented from the original production records, even if such information is supported by reliable evidence from other records not held by the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust. We do not inspect vehicles which are being researched. While a Certificate confirms the original details of a vehicle researched from the chassis number, a Certificate is not in itself confirmation of the identity, provenance, originality or present condition of a particular vehicle. A Certificate does not represent proof of ownership of a vehicle. Certificates are intended solely as a reference and source of information for the applicant.

Heritage Certificates are issued for a variety of reasons including:

– To accompany a current owner’s vehicle for personal use

– Where vehicle licensing authorities require certified documentation of the original information of a vehicle. For more information, please click here

– Where a vehicle is being reimported or has never been registered in the U.K. before the DVLA will require a Heritage Certificate AND an inspection by an authorised car club such as the Jaguar Enthusiasts‘ Club

To obtain a complete Certificate, applicants are required to supply all the original numbers from the vehicle, including the chassis/VIN and enginebody and gearbox numbers. Click here if you are unsure of where to locate the numbers.

Applicants are requested to provide a copy of the vehicle’s registration documentation (e.g. U.K. V5C or an equivalent Title Certificate). If we do not receive suitable documentation it may not be possible to issue a Certificate with all the information.

Please double check the details and confirm you have read the Terms and Conditions for issuing a Certificate, we cannot accept liability in cases where incorrect numbers have been provided by applicants. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that we supply the correct information, neither Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust nor any associated company will be held liable for errors or omissions or the consequences thereof. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to issue a Certificate, in this case a refund will be issued.

The cost of a Heritage Certificate is £60.00 plus VAT and postage. All income generated from these and other archive services are put towards the work of Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust in its role of preserving the heritage of Jaguar and its predecessor companies for the future.

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