The Government have now implemented a rolling programme to exempt all vehicles more than 40 years old from MOT testing and paying road tax.

For your Jaguar or Daimler vehicle to be tax exempt, it must have been manufactured before 1st January – 40 years ago from the current tax year. (A new tax year begins on the 1st April) E.g. On the 1st April 2018, any vehicle manufactured before the 1st January 1978 will be tax exempt.

There are vehicles which were registered after 1 January but which were manufactured before this date. This could include;

These cars will be tax-exempt, if the DVLA is satisfied of their correct manufacturing date.

Regarding MOT testing, any vehicle registered or manufactured more than 40 years ago will no longer need an MOT test but owners can still voluntarily choose to put their vehicles through the testing process.

For more information on MOT or tax exemption, please visit

To help determine whether or not your own Jaguar or Daimler car is MOT and tax exempt, Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust can advise on request the month and year of manufacture for your vehicle. You can do this by submitting a ‘Research Enquiry’ by clicking here.

Please note, this information is provided by email and will not be accepted by registration authorities. If you require a formal document, to satisfy the requirements of the DVLA, only a Heritage Certificate will be accepted.