1900 Daimler 6HP Tonneau BS 8316

This particular car is an early 1900 model, and may have been the first British-built car to be exported anywhere. It was supplied to the DeBeers diamond mining company in South Africa. The car came back to Britain when it was purchased by the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust in 1996.

The first British built Daimler cars followed the design of the German Daimler cars fairly closely. Indeed, in the early years, the cars were assembled in Coventry with engines and other components supplied from Cannstatt in Germany. However by 1899, the Coventry-based Daimler Company had developed its own distinctive models, most importantly the 6hp two-cylinder car and the 12hp four-cylinder car.

The catalogue for 1900 showed a great variety of chassis types and body styles. This was a period of transition, as some cars were shown with the original rear-mounted radiator and others had a front-mounted radiator. As is seen on this particular car, some had a radiator at both ends, which is thought to be because this car was exported to South Africa when new. The radiators were still made of simple gilled or finned tubes. There was also a gradual change-over from hot tube to electric ignition, with some Daimler cars of 1900 having both systems fitted.

In the 1,000 Mile Trial of April-May 1900, organised by the Automobile Club (which had not yet become the Royal Automobile Club) from London to Edinburgh and back, more than a dozen Daimlers of various types took part, works as well as private entries. Three works cars were placed first in class and won Daily Mail prizes of £10.00, while other Daimlers won five silver medals and three bronze medals.

Registration Mark: BS 8316

Chassis Number: 1557

Owner: The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust

Inventory Number: 2/002

Price when new: £371

Price: 284 Weeks Average Wage