1966 Jaguar 420 Saloon AVG 254D

This car was a Special Factory Order for Lady Stanley of Alderney in the Channel Islands and was supplied through the St Helier Garage in Jersey. It was supplied finished in the special colour of Ming Blue with White Leather upholstery. The car returned to mainland UK in 1975 and has only had three previous owners.

It was acquired by the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust in 2013.

Impatience over the protracted development of the XJ6 explained the haste with which the 420 was brought in. When it was introduced in October 1966, the XJ6 was still two years away, but Jaguar sales were faltering and there was a requirement for a saloon above the S-type, more expensive than the Mark II but below the Mark X in price and size. A face-lift of the S-type looked like the way ahead using the newly modified 4.2 litre engine.

It turned out to be more difficult than expected. Sir William’s restyle followed the forward-sloping-nose theme of the Mark X and numerous Italian coachbuilders. It was a fad, but it was not the first time Jaguar followed a fashion where leadership had eluded it, and the 420 duly appeared with four headlights and a traditional grille.

There was a matching Daimler Sovereign, which shared the innovation of a padded roll of black Vinyl along the top of the fascia. Jaguar never ignored safety, although in some instances such as the spear-shaped steering column boss, it may have appeared so. Now the change from solid wood to a soft surround subtly acknowledged that even a Jaguar driver could have an accident!

Registration Mark: AVG 254D

Chassis Number: P1F1269BW

Owner: The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust

Inventory Number: 182/J.121

Price when new: £2,064 5s 0d

Price: 134 Weeks Average Wage