1978 Jaguar XJ6 Series 2 4.2 Litre Coupé TOV 161S

The Series 2 model of the successful XJ6 and XJ12 range was introduced in 1973 and continued in production to early 1979. The revised range featured new bumpers and radiator grilles compared with the original Series 1 models. From 1974 saloons were only built on the longer wheelbase, and the 2.8 litre engine was discontinued except for small numbers of export cars.

There was something of a hiatus between the announcement of what became a Jaguar classic, the 2-door XJ, and the start of serious production. When it was introduced to the press in the summer of 1973, Jaguar explained that the examples shown were prototypes, and no more would be made until the following year. In the event it was the Spring of 1975 before any went on sale, and the model remained in production for only two years.

The 2-door Jaguar was never officially known as a Coupé but the “C” suffix ensured its adoption. The roof was covered in smart black vinyl, a fashionable adornment which also served to disguise the thickness of the C-post. The proportions of the car were striking and the vinyl gave it the “hardtop convertible” appearance popular in America.

A 2-door car is seldom as practical as a 4-door, and access to the rear seats of the coupé Jaguar was not easy. Despite the bolstering of the C-post, the 2-door cars were some 50 lbs. (22.6kg) lighter than their 4-door counterparts.

Registration Mark: TOV 161S

Chassis Number: 2J/3296-BW

Owner: The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust

Inventory Number: 079/J.036

Price when new: £8,978.58

Price: 161 Weeks Average Wage