2001 Jaguar X-Type 2½ Litre X1 TYP

First Production X-Type 

This car is the first production X-TYPE, which came off the assembly line in February 2001 and was delivered to the collection of the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust for preservation.

Click the image to read the full story behind the design and development of the X-Type – the Jaguar X400 Project

After a period of great expectation, Jaguar released details of the X-TYPE on 1st November 2000, and unveiled the new car in the metal to an international audience at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2001. The X-TYPE was therefore the youngest member of the expanding Jaguar family. It was Jaguar’s first entry into the compact sports saloon market. The X-TYPE was the smallest-engined Jaguar for thirty years, since the classic 2.4 litre and Mark 2 models of the 1950s and 1960s.

The X-TYPE featured an innovative technical specification. It was fitted with a choice of two AJ-V6 engines developed from the engine already used in the S- TYPE. Power was 194 bhp (145 kW) for the 2½ litre model, and 231 bhp (172 kW) for the 3 litre. Top speeds range from 137 mph to 146 mph (220 km/h to 234 km/h). There were five different versions available, an entry level 2½ Iitre model, ‘Sport’ and ‘Special Equipment’ versions fitted with either engine size. All X-TYPEs featured the Traction-4 full time all-wheel drive system, which offers agile handling and sure-footed road holding.

The car was built in Jaguar’s totally refurbished Halewood plant, located on Merseyside in the north-west of England, the result of an investment of £300 million. It was expected that when the X-TYPE was in full production, it would more than double Jaguar’s previous best annual sales figure of 90,000 cars (reached in 2000), and that fifty per cent of X-TYPEs would be sold in European markets.

With the X-TYPE, Jaguar connected with a new and different type of customer.

Registration Mark: X1 TYP

Chassis Number: SAJAD53M91XC00344

Owner: The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust

Inventory Number: 128/J.77

Price when new: £24,000

Price: 73 Weeks Average Wage