2018 Jaguar I-PACE EV400 AWD

All-Electric SUV French Display Vehicle

This I-PACE is one of ten pre-production cars that were exhibited around Europe during the launch phase and as the door decals indicate this was displayed at a variety of venues around France.

The I-PACE is Jaguars’ first all-electric vehicle, powered by Lithium-ion batteries with electric motors front and rear providing all-wheel drive and 50:50 weight distribution. The state-of-the-art 90kWh Lithium-ion battery using 432 pouch cells, delivers a range of up to 292 miles (WLTP cycle). It can achieve a 0-80 percent battery charge in 85-minutes using DC charging (50kW) or home charging with an AC wall box (7 kW) will achieve the same state of charge in just over ten hours.

Two Jaguar designed electric motors – which feature driveshafts passing through the motors themselves for compactness – are placed at each axle, producing exceptional combined performance of 400 PS and 696 Nm, and all-wheel-drive, all-surface traction. The high torque density and high-energy efficiency characteristics of the motors deliver sports car performance, launching the I-PACE from a standing start to 60mph in just 4.5 seconds. The instantaneous performance is matched with exceptional ride comfort and engaging driving dynamics.

The bespoke EV aluminium architecture uses advanced riveting and bonding technology to deliver a light, stiff body structure. Together with the structural battery pack, it has a torsional rigidity of 36kNm/degree – the highest of any Jaguar. The battery is placed centrally between the two axles, and as low down as possible, with a seal between the housing and the underfloor. This location enables perfect 50:50 weight distribution and a low centre of gravity: together with the advanced double wishbone front and Integral Link rear axle with (optional) air suspension and configurable Adaptive Dynamics, this delivers agile handling and outstanding ride comfort.

While a mid-sized SUV, I-PACE’s cab forward design and EV powertrain means interior space comparable to large SUVs. In the rear, legroom is 890 mm while, with no transmission tunnel, there’s a useful 10.5 litre central storage compartment. In the rear, tablet and laptop stowage is found beneath the seats, with a rear luggage compartment of 656 litre capacity – increasing to 1,453 litres with seats folded flat.

Since its launch the I-PACE has won an unprecedented number of industry awards (over 60) including: UK Car of the Year, German and Swiss Car of the Year, European Car of the Year, World Green Car, World Car Design of the Year and World Car of the Year.

Registration Mark: Not UK Registered

Chassis Number: SADHA2B12K1F60074

Owner: The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust

Inventory Number: 210/J.148