William Lyons
Founder of Jaguar Cars
William Walmsley
Co-Founder of Swallow Sidecars
Claude Baily
Chief of Engine Development
Jack Beardsley
From Whitesmith to Works Director
Mike Beasley
From Engineer to Managing Director
Bob Berry
Talented Amateur Racing Driver
and Jaguar Public Relations Man
Norman Dewis
Chief Test Driver, Development Engineer, Racing Driver
Lofty England
From Apprentice to
Chief Executive
Sir John Egan
From British Leyland to
Ford Ownership
Alice Fenton
From Office Junior to
Home Sales Director
Fred Gardner
Sawmill Supervisor and
Body Development Shop Manager
Walter ‘Wally’ Hassan
Chief Experimental Engineer
and Engine Designer
William Heynes
Chief Engineer
1935 to 1989
Cyril Holland
Swallow’s First Coachmaker
and Master Jig-Maker
Howard Hunt
Production Test Driver
and Press Fleet Manager
Bob Knight
From Drawing Office to
Managing Director
Lady Greta Lyons
The steady rock behind
Sir William Lyons
Harry Mundy
Engine Designer for Coventry Climax
and Jaguar Cars
Jim Randle
From Apprentice to
Product Engineering Director
Bill Rankin
PR man credited with
‘creating the whole image of Jaguar’
Ole Sommer
Danish Jaguar Importer and Car Collector
Connie Teather
Secretary and Recorder of the Early Days
Harry Teather
From ‘Boy’ to Purchasing Director
Harry Weslake
Automotive Engineer and
Expert on Engine Tuning
Arthur Whittaker
From Part-time Salesman
to Deputy Chairman